Suppliers of RIDGID Pipe Tools, JOBOX Security Boxes, Freezemaster Pipe Freezing Machines, Felder Brazing Rods and HILMOR Pipe Benders.

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We carry

the largest stock of RIDGID products in Ireland

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We repair

all models of RIDGID Threading Machines

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If it needs bending use Hilmor

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Don't make it easy for the thieves, buy Jobox!

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About Carr Engineering

Carr Engineering Supplies have been in business since 1986,offering professional customer care,expert product knowledge and an excellent After Sales Repair Service.We are an Engineering Supply Company servicing the Plumbing ,Heating ,Fire Sprinkler and Mechanical Services end of the Construction Industry for nearly 30 years.

As the largest Distributors in Ireland of Ridgid Pipe Tools, Jobox Site and Van Security Boxes, Hilmor Copper and Electrical Conduit Pipe Benders and Freezemaster Electric Pipe Freezers our expertise is widely availed of by the Pipe Installation Industry.
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