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Security Boxes

If you want the highest level of reliable security storage on site or on your vehicle, JOBOX is the one for you. JOBOX use the highest quality materials and are recognised worldwide.

Carr Engineering supply JOBOX security boxes to businesses and individually throughout Ireland. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles and contact us to arrange a purchase.

If you are looking for a specific tool or security box and it does not appear on the website please contact Carr Engineering or call +353 (0)1 4663010 for more information.

Product name
Site Security Boxes
1. 3 Point Lock Engagement and Bolt Cutter Free Locking System
2. 2 Bolsters, Have Side Forklift Access
3. Rust Resisting Polyester Paint Finish
4. Recessed Handles
5. Can be fitted with Castors
6. Probably the Best Site Box of its kind
7. Flourscent Orange Tape Indicates When Chest is Unlocked
Model 1-658990 L 72 x W 24 x H 27.3/4 including 2 Locks
Model 1-655990 L 60 x W 24 x H 27.3/4 including 2 Locks
Model 1-654990 L 48 x W 24 x H 27.3/4 including 2 Locks
Model 1-656990 L 48 x W 30 x H 33.3/8 including 2 Locks
Product name
Rolling Work Benches
Model 676990 Rolling Work Bench L43 7/8 x W26 7/8 x H38
Model 677990 Rolling Work Bench L49 7/8 x W26 7/8 x H40 5/8
Model 678990 Rolling Work Bench L49 7/8 x W26 7/8 x H40 5/8
All sizes of drawers and shelves available.

Castors available for all Jobox Products
Product name
Heavy Duty Field Office
Model 1-674990 L62 x W43 x H82
Product name
Heavy Duty Cabinets
Model 694990 L60 x H60 1/8 x W24
Model 697990 L60 x H60 1/8 x W24
Model 698990 L60 x H60 1/8 x W30
Product name
Van Security Boxes
Model 1-653990 L 42 x W 20 x H 23.5 including 2 Locks
Model 1-652990 L 36 x W 20 x H 23 3/4 including 2 Locks
Model 651990 L 31 x W 18 x H 15.5 including 1 Lock

Click here to view a larger more detailed image of the Van Security Boxes
Product name
Piano Box
Model 1-681990 L48x W31 x H50
Model 1-682990 L60 x W31 x H50
Model 1-689900 L74 x W31 x H50
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