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Felder Brazing Rods

Carr Engineering provide a wide range of Felder Brazing Rods to businesses and individuals throughout Ireland. Choose from our list below and contact us to arrange a purchase.

If you are looking for a specific tool and it does not appear on the website please contact Carr Engineering or call +353 (0)1 4663010 for more information.

Product name
Square and Round Brazing Rods
33012050 - CU-Rophos 94 OKO 2mm Square
33312050 - 2LAG2P 2% Silver 2mm Square
333130500 - 2LAG2P 2% Silver 3mm Round
33332050 - 5LAG5P 5% Silver 2mm Square
333330500 - 5LAG5P 5% Silver 3mm Round
33402050 - 15LAG 15P 15% Silver 2mm Square
34201550 - Silver Solder LAG30CD Bare 1.5mm Round
3420155090 - Silver Solder LAG30CD Flux Coated 1.5mm Round
34401550 - Silver Solder LAG40CD Bare 1.5mm Round
3440155090- Silver Solder LAG40CD Flux Coated 1.5mm Round
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